Call For Papers

Rights and the protection of animals that is one of the most important issues of our time, emerge as an area that is not adequately addressed when compared with human rights. The lack of specific studies on the rights and protection of animals we call our silent friends, and the lack of specific legal arrangements can be described as fundamental deficiencies of the field in question. The mentality of not having their rights because of their own wills does not seem acceptable. There is therefore a need for the existence of serious legal regulations in order to ensure the rights and protection of animals. In this context, in addition to the protection of animals, drafts for their rights is of importance.

The 1st International Congress on the Rights and Protection of Animals organised by E-Journal of Law and with the help of academics from Marcony University will be held on December 5-9 2018 in Samsun/Turkey. The Congress aims to bring academics, veterinarians, animal rights advocates, lawyers and other practitioners who would like to make contributions to the field.

The work to be sent to the congress can be realized as oral presentation, poster presentation and virtual presentation.